Zurab Chinchaladze was born on April 23rd, 1960 in Tbilisi. He was brought up in the family of his father – Robert Chinchaladze and mother - Nunu Wozniak, they were great admirers of music, because of this he was acquainted with the music from his childhood. His mother oftentook him to the opera , to conservatoire music hall and theaters, and his brother – Nodar Chincgaladze (conductor), who was 9 years elder, taught him to play piano and writing notes, when he was 5 years old.

     In 1967 he enrolled in Tbilisi #140 Public School.

     In 1968 he enrolled in #14 Musical School in violin class with famous teacher Sergo Ter-Arakelov.

     In parallel, he studied in Experimental School of Tbilisi State Conservatoire , in the composition class, which was directed by the professor Aleksandre Shaverzashvili. From this period he used to write musical compositions, which took teachers’ attention, though secretly from teachers, he created pop songs .

     In 1974, when he was 14 years old, he created some pop songs, among them “patsatsina rto var” (I am a tiny branch), song text by Ana Kalandadze, many years past since this song became popular in Estrada

     In 1975 he enrolled in Tbilisi III musical institute in violin class.

     In 1976 he corporates with famous pop ensembles – “Mziuri”, “Nergebi”, “Rero” and “75”.

     Because of teachers of conservatoire and musical school restricted him to work in pop genre, this cooperation practically was confidential.

     It was productive for 18 years old musician to meet with meter of Georgian Estrada – Robert Bardzimashvili, who took his songs in the playlist of the ensemble “75” which was very popular in this period. From this period Zurab Chinchaladze deserved attention, as a talented musician and composer.

     in 1997 he continues to study at Tbilisi State Conservatoire

     In 1981-82 he was conscripted into the army, though he used to write music there and used to play in military orchestra.

    In 1983 , after he returned from the army and still going on cooperation of Zurab Chinchaladze and Robert Bardzimashvili. He was invited by Roberr Bardzimashvili, on the position of director of newly founded vocal-instrumental children ensemble “Lakhti”, here he showed himself as talented teacher and musician.

     In 1985 he worked in children ensemble “Mziuri” and from 1986 he is an artistic director of Gori vocal-instrumental children ensemble “AI IA ”, with this ensemble he successfully toured many countries around the world.

     In 1997-2001 heacts in Moscow and worked in sound recording studio on adaption.

     From 2002 till present, he works on compositions. Besides creation of musical songs, ZurabChinchaladze is an incomparable performer of his songs.


     A list of works of Zurab Chinchaladze is diverse in genre .Besides pop songs , he has created many symphony, opera, ballet, choral, piano, orchestral and chamber works.

     He married Irma Chinchaladze, they have two children, daughter-in–law  and  son-in-law .Giorgi Chinchaladze and Roza Shamoiani, Nino Chinchaladze and Tornike Kapiashvili, also they have grandchildren Temur, Nikoloz Kapiashvili and Giorgi Chinchaladze.